Collection: DutchGrow starterkits

Effortlessly start your cultivation journey with the DutchGrow Starter Kits, perfect for growing crops in a smaller environment. Whether it's the Hydro, Coco, Terra, or Bio starter pack, it contains everything you need for small-scale cultivation.

With DutchGrow, you receive not just a taste of our incredible growth and flowering nutrition but also the entire selection of additives and supplements for unmatched results. The formula is designed to streamline your cultivation process and helps you grow heavier, thicker, and more flavorful crops.

Our starter kits are not only perfect for beginners but also make a great gift for gardening enthusiasts, allowing you to start growing easily and with satisfaction. Start now with DutchGrow and experience the convenience and quality of professional cultivation!

DutchGrow offers both standard Starter Kits and Mini Starter Kits. The Mini Starter Kit is specially developed for the beginning small home grower.

DutchGrow starterkits