Collection: DutchGrow Hydro

DutchGrow Hydro for cultivating fast-growing plants on all inert run-to-waste systems.

DutchGrow Hydro offers a complete set of high-quality nutritional products designed to promote lush flowering in fast-growing plants in inert run-to-waste systems. In these systems, the nutrient water is constantly refreshed, eliminating the need for complex adjustments to the nutrient solution. With DutchGrow Hydro, the nutrient concentration can be precisely tailored to the plant's needs, ensuring it receives exactly what it needs.

DutchGrow Hydro

Hydro (run-to-waste system)

A hydroponic cultivation system, also known as hydroponics, is a method where plants are grown without the use of a growth medium or on an inert medium. The medium only supports the roots, without influencing the water supply and nutrition. Essentially, the plant is on an IV, with the roots directly in contact with the nutrient water.

This allows for the nutrition to be regulated in detail throughout the cultivation. Commonly used inert media for hydroponic systems include rock wool, mapito, and clay pellets.

Why choose a "Run-to-waste" system?

Systems where excess water is drained are called "run-to-waste" or open hydroponic systems. An advantage of these systems is that the plants receive fresh nutrients with each feeding. This minimizes the risk of diseases. The substrates used in these systems are usually inert. That means they do not add or absorb nutrients from the nutrient solution, allowing for more precise cultivation.

In a run-to-waste hydroponic system, the nutrient water flows past the plant's roots only once before being drained. This reduces the risks of cultivating on an inert medium because any incorrect compositions can be flushed away. If you do not have a suitable drainage option, you might consider using a recirculating hydroponic system.

DutchGrow Hydro A&B.

During both the growth and flowering phases, the plant needs a different ratio of nutrients. Within the DutchGrow Hydro line, we offer the plant nutrition Hydro A&B (for the growth and flowering phase). This allows you to give the plant the right mix of nutrients at any time.

DutchGrow Hydro A&B is a high-quality fertilizer, specially developed for the flowering and growth phase of plants in a run-to-waste hydroculture system. It provides all the essential elements needed for abundant growth and flowering. Hydro A&B stimulates fruit formation and contributes to the characteristic taste of the fruits.

Benefits of DutchGrow Hydro A&B

  • Promotes strong plants with powerful shoots and healthy root growth, laying the foundation for vigorous flowering.
  • Can be applied to all types of inert substrates such as rock wool.
  • Ensures a complete uptake of nutrients and water from the beginning of cultivation, thanks to the rich presence of directly absorbable nitrogen compounds and trace elements.
  • Stimulates fruit formation and enriches the taste of the fruits.
  • Contains the right amounts of phosphorus and potassium and is rich in directly absorbable trace elements, ensuring lush flowering.

A & B nutrition?

DutchGrow Hydro A&B consists of two parts, part A and part B, and these are kept separate for a specific reason. It can happen that when certain elements from part A and B are combined, they clump together and are not absorbable by the plant. Therefore, you should first add the A component and then the B component to the nutrient water.