Collection: DutchGrow Cocos

DutchGrow Coco for cultivating fast-growing plants in coco.

Growing in coco is extremely easy. All necessary nutritional elements for both the growth and flowering phases are present in DutchGrow Coco A & B plant nutrition. Thanks to the unique sponge-like structure, nutrients are stored in the substrate. This means the plant can regulate the amount and timing of nutrient uptake itself.

DutchGrow Cocos

What are the benefits of growing in coco?

DutchGrow Coco A&B is an advanced, professional-quality fertilizer, specially designed for growing plants in coco. It provides all the essential elements needed for optimal growth and flowering.

There's one special formulation suitable for both phases. Initially, the coco substrate holds the flowering elements in the nutrition. Over time, the substrate becomes saturated, making these nutrients available when the plant starts to bloom. We couldn’t make it simpler!

Thanks to extensive research, DutchGrow has managed to develop a fertilizer that perfectly matches the properties of coco substrates.

DutchGrow Coco consists of high-quality minerals and contains natural chelates, humic, and fulvic acids that guarantee optimal nutrient absorption for the plant. Growers worldwide have been enthusiastic for years about the explosive growth and lush flowering made possible by DutchGrow Coco.

Why A & B nutrition?

DutchGrow Coco plant nutrition consists of two parts, part A and part B, and there's a reason for this. The required amounts of calcium and phosphate for optimal functioning of the nutrient are quite high. If you were to combine these highly concentrated elements in one bottle, they could conflict and clump together. By separating these two elements and then mixing them with the water in your nutrient reservoir, no problem occurs. That's why you add the A component first and then the B component.