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DutchGrow Cocos Starter Kit

DutchGrow Cocos Starter Kit

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Growing in coconut potting soil? With this package, you have the right plant nutrition for 12 beautiful plants.

To give you an extra hand, we add products that make growing even easier. And as a bonus: our pride DutchGrow XL.

DutchGrow Cocos products are tailored for growing fast-growing plants like tomatoes, and peppers in regular coconut-based potting soil.

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Comprehensive information

Starter Kit Contents

  • 1 liter Cocos A – component plant nutrition
  • 1 liter Cocos B – component plant nutrition
  • 100 ml Roots – root system stimulator
  • 100 ml PK13/14 – flowering phase supplement
  • 100 ml Enzyme – coconut soil cleaner
  • 100 ml Clean – maintenance for drip kit
  • 250 ml XL – growth and flowering booster

Growing in Coconut Soil

Coconut soil has a coarse and loose structure. Roots get more air, and the risk of root rot is minimal. Coconut fibers give this soil a spongy structure, making water and nutrients available for longer.

Using Plant Nutrition

Cocos A & B are two components that provide all the nutrients your plant needs for healthy growth and flowering.

Roots ensures a healthy root system and optimal nutrient absorption.

Enzyme helps break down root residues and pathogens in the coconut soil.

PK 13/14 gives your plant an extra boost in the production of flowers and fruits.

Clean is a natural product to keep the pipes of a drip kit clean if you use one.

XL increases your plant’s metabolism, allowing it to absorb more nutrients.

Economical Growing

This DutchGrow Starter Kit is an economical option for home growing on coconut soil. You not only get the essential plant nutrition but also extras to make it even more fun. And don’t worry: our guide explains everything simply.

Sustainable Growing

Coconut soil is actually a strange word. There is no soil in it. It mainly consists of fibers from the coconut palm. A by-product that thus gets a useful destination. No natural areas are affected by peat excavation in its production.

Buying Coconut Soil

Shipping a few bags of coconut soil is not very practical. It’s better to get it at your local garden center. The differences between reputable brands are minimal. Choose a neutral coconut fiber potting soil: you get the nutrients from DutchGrow.

Outdoor Growing

Growing outdoors can be done on a balcony. The size of your harvest naturally depends on the weather. We think this, just like with wine, is part of the charm. Place your plants in the sun in May/June, and you will soon enjoy a delicious and honest product!

User manual

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Nutrient content

See the individual products for the
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Storage conditions

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See the individual products.

Nutrient schedule

For optimal growth and flowering of plants in coco, follow the DutchGrow Coco feeding schedule. Start with DutchGrow Roots for powerful root development. Then use Coco A&B for nutritional support during all growth and flowering stages. Implement DutchGrow Clean to keep irrigation systems clean, and DutchGrow Enzyme for healthy soil through the breakdown of dead plant remains. Finish with DutchGrow XL and PK 13/14 during the final flowering and ripening phases for maximum yield and quality.

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