Collection: Additives

Discover DutchGrow's essential additives for optimal plant growth: PK13/14, Enzyme, XL, and Roots.

DutchGrow additives are ideal for all growing mediums and guarantee optimal plant development.

PK13/14 is a premium bloom stimulator, rich in phosphorus and potassium, essential for the flowering phase. DutchGrow Enzyme effectively breaks down dead plant residues, improves medium quality, and promotes healthy growth. XL, an advanced bloom stimulator, stimulates fruit development and increases yield and taste. Roots, a powerful root stimulator, boosts plant resistance and supports rapid root growth.


DutchGrow Additives

DutchGrow additives offer a comprehensive range of plant stimulators and nutritional supplements, specifically developed to optimize growth, health, and yield of plants. Each product in the DutchGrow additives line is designed with specific goals in mind, from root development to flowering and fruit production.

DutchGrow Roots: Root Growth Stimulator

DutchGrow Roots is an innovative solution aimed at improving plant root growth. This product utilizes algae extracts to give a powerful boost to the root system's development. It is rich in vitamins and contains essential microbiological substances that not only stimulate root growth but also ensure a balanced root environment. Roots is completely natural and supports the formation of strong, white roots, crucial for the healthy development of plants, especially in the initial phase.

Benefits of DutchGrow Roots:

  • Promotes intensive root growth and the development of new roots in cuttings through the presence of trace elements and vitamins, such as B1 and B2.
  • Reduces stress from significant changes such as transport, repotting, and pruning, allowing plants to quickly recover and resume growth.
  • Provides a natural defense with plant extracts derived from algae, containing carbohydrates and bioactive compounds for strong natural resistance.
  • Is immediately absorbable and leaves no residues, usable in all growing media and throughout the entire growth cycle.

DutchGrow Enzyme: Optimal Root Health and Soil Condition

DutchGrow Enzyme focuses on maintaining a healthy root system by breaking down root residues and converting them into beneficial nutrients. This enzyme product prevents infections by rot and fungi and improves the air-water ratio in the substrate. Enzymes, similar to their role in digestion, accelerate reactions and are crucial for maintaining a healthy root environment.

Benefits of Enzyme:

  • Prevents rot and fungi by converting dead root residues into minerals and sugars, promoting good bacteria.
  • Ensures quick cleanup of dead roots, improving the air-water ratio and leading to healthier, more active root growth.
  • Improvement of soil condition through a balanced water management and aeration, crucial for optimal root health.

DutchGrow XL: Boosts Yield and Taste

DutchGrow XL is designed to enhance the quality and quantity of the harvest. This unique additive increases the plant's metabolism, essential for the efficient uptake of nutrients. It results in larger, tastier fruits by stimulating the development of new flowers and enhancing photosynthesis.

Benefits of DutchGrow XL:

  • Leads to a better harvest by stimulating the development of new flowers, making fruits heavier and more uniform.
  • Increases sugar production in fruits, enhancing taste and producing natural aromas in higher concentrations.
  • Strengthens the plant's immune system, making it more resistant to diseases and pests.

DutchGrow PK13/14: For Large, Heavy Fruits

DutchGrow PK13/14 is a phosphorus-potassium blend specifically designed to stimulate flowering and fruit formation. These nutrients are crucial during the generative phase of plants. PK13/14 not only enhances the quality of the fruits but also their size, leading to a significantly higher yield.

Benefits of DutchGrow PK13/14:

  • Contains pure elements for bloom stimulation in high concentrations, ensuring quick availability for the plant.
  • Perfectly complements DutchGrow XL for maximum flowering results, strengthened by the plant's enhanced metabolism.
  • Suitable for any growing medium, highlighting the product's versatility and ease of use.

In summary, using DutchGrow products like Roots, Enzyme, XL, and PK13/14 offers a holistic approach to optimizing plant growth and yield. These products are developed with the specific needs of plants in different growth stages in mind, from root development to flowering and fruit production, together forming a powerful toolkit for any grower aiming for maximum health and yield of their crops.