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DutchGrow Starterkit Hydro

DutchGrow Starterkit Hydro

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Starter Kit Hydro for the beginning hydroponic grower

The DutchGrow Starter Kit Hydro is specially compiled for the hydroponic grower, featuring a complete range of products designed to support plants from germination to harvest.

This kit consists of

  • 1 L DutchGrow Hydro A
  • 1 L DutchGrow Hydro A
  • 100 ML DutchGrow Roots
  • 100 ML DutchGrow Enzyme
  • 100 ML DutchGrow XL
  • 100 ML DutchGrow Clean
  • 1 pipette for precise dosing.

Ultimately creating an optimal growth environment in hydroponic systems. Suitable for both beginners and experienced growers, this starter kit provides the tools for strong, healthy plants and an abundant harvest.

With Hydro A and B, you lay the nutritional foundation for your plants in all growth and flowering phases, while Roots and XL strengthen and expand your plants' root system for better nutrient uptake and overall health.

Enzyme keeps your growing medium clean by breaking down dead root remnants and preventing the development of pathogens, while Clean ensures a clean cultivation system, free from salt accumulations and unwanted deposits.

This starter kit is your total solution for a successful start in hydroponics, designed for learning, experimenting, and growing.

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Comprehensive information

Hydro A&B: Balanced Nutrition

Hydro A&B provides a balanced, two-part nutritional formula, specifically tailored to the needs of hydroponic plants. This nutrition ensures the right balance of essential nutrients throughout all growth stages, promoting both vegetative growth and flowering performance.

DutchGrow Roots: Root Stimulant

DutchGrow Roots strengthens the root system, a crucial aspect of hydroponic cultivation. A healthy and extensive root network increases the uptake of water and nutrients, essential for vigorous growth and development of the plant.

DutchGrow Enzyme: Substrate and System Cleaner

DutchGrow Enzyme plays a key role in maintaining a clean hydroponic system by breaking down dead roots and organic waste. This prevents the buildup of harmful pathogens and ensures a healthy growth environment.

DutchGrow XL: Growth Stimulant

DutchGrow XL is a growth stimulant that increases overall plant development and vitality. It stimulates both vegetative growth and flowering power, resulting in fuller plants and increased yield.

DutchGrow Clean: System Cleaner

DutchGrow Clean maintains a clean cultivation system, free from salt accumulations and other unwanted deposits. This contributes to the system's efficiency and the overall health of the plants.

The DutchGrow Hydro Starter Kit is the ideal choice for anyone cultivating in hydroponics, offering an all-in-one solution for successful growth and flowering. Each product in this kit works synergistically to create the best conditions for healthy plant development, from start to finish.

User manual

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Nutrient content

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nutrient content.

Storage conditions

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Nutrient schedule

For plants in hydroponics according to DutchGrow's Hydro schedule, start with Roots during rooting for root growth. In the growth and early flowering phase, use Hydro A&B for general development. Add Clean to keep irrigation systems clean and Enzyme for healthy soil. Finally, during ripening, XL stimulates yield and quality.

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