Easy Outdoor Growing with DutchGrow

Growing is fun, but you have more to do. We completely understand. That’s why we make it easy for you.

The easiest way to grow is outdoors. You start in May/June. So, get your pots out of the shed and let’s grow!

With a DutchGrow Starter Kit, you have everything you need to harvest in 10 weeks. Just add: potting soil, seeds, and a sunny spot.

DutchGrow Starter Kits contain all essential nutrients plus our finest additives.

With our clear guide, you will definitely succeed! We are confident that you will have a great harvest this year.

Which Starter Kit?

For traditional potting soil: DutchGrow Terra or Terra Bio. For coconut soil: DutchGrow Cocos. Coconut substrate is a more sustainable product and grows slightly easier. We offer sets for growing 12 plants or 3 plants (Mini).