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DutchGrow presents an essential product line for precise pH regulation and a clean irrigation system.

PHplus, a fast-acting alkaline liquid, effectively increases the pH of your nutrient solution. Conversely, PHmin, a fast-acting acid, lowers the pH when necessary.

DutchGrow Clean, a professional cleaning product, keeps your irrigation system free from clogs and deposits, ensuring your crops can grow and flourish without disturbance.

With these products, you maintain a healthy and efficient system for optimal plant development.

 DutchGrow tools

DutchGrow Clean: Irrigation System Maintenance

DutchGrow Clean is an organic cleaning agent based on anionic detergents, designed to prevent and clean clogs in drip and spray systems. The product is effective against the buildup of precipitating agents and is completely non-toxic, making it safe for plants and the environment. For preventive use, it is recommended to add DutchGrow Clean with every irrigation and to keep the pipes wet between irrigations. For a new cultivation, the system should be filled with clean water and Clean (pH 5.2) to prevent clogs. The product is suitable for a wide range of plants, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and ornamental plants. Add 0.1 ml per liter of nutrient solution, both preventively and for the removal of deposits.

DutchGrow pH-Series: Optimal Nutrient Uptake

DutchGrow pH-Series supports the optimal uptake of nutrients by maintaining the correct pH value. The ideal pH value for plants is between 5.4 and 6.4, depending on the substrate used. DutchGrow offers pH regulators for both lowering (pH-Min) and raising (pH-Plus) the pH in the nutrient tank, without distinction between the different growth phases of the plant. A correct pH value is essential for the health and growth of plants, with DutchGrow’s pH-Series playing a crucial role throughout the entire cultivation cycle.

DutchGrow Clean and the pH-Series are essential products for growers aiming for an efficient irrigation system and optimal plant growth. With these products, you ensure a clean irrigation system and the right nutrient uptake, resulting in healthy, flourishing plants.