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For organic cultivation with DutchGrow Bio products.

DutchGrow Bio offers a superior choice for enthusiasts of organic cultivation, with 100% natural fertilizers that meet international organic farming standards. These fertilizers are perfect for both pot and open soil cultivation, indoors and outdoors, and are specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of plants without the risk of harmful animal organisms. DutchGrow Bio not only enhances plant growth and resistance but also contributes to richer soil quality and biodiversity, with the unique formula of Bio Grow stimulating strong plants with powerful shoots and lush root development.

DutchGrow Bio

DutchGrow Bio: Organic Cultivation

If you prefer organic cultivation, then products grown with DutchGrow Bio fertilizers are an excellent choice. DutchGrow Bio can be used in both pots and open soil, indoors and outdoors.

Benefits of DutchGrow Bio

  • Sustainability: Protects the production of raw materials, guarantees a high-quality end product.
  • Plant-Based Nutrients: Specifically developed for pot soil cultivation, tailored to plant needs without animal organisms.
  • Health and Resistance: Stimulates plant metabolism and increases resistance, also improves soil quality and biodiversity.

DutchGrow Bio Grow: Growth Phase Nutrition

A 100% natural nutrition, rich in essential elements for the growth phase, promotes strong plants with powerful shoots and lush root development. Unique due to biologically bound nitrogen for optimal absorption.

DutchGrow Bio Bloom: Flowering Nutrition

Completely natural nutrition that supports the plant during the flowering phase, stimulates fruit formation, and enhances characteristic taste. Adjusted to the changing nutritional need of the plant, with less nitrogen but more phosphorus and potassium.

DutchGrow Bio Roots: Root Development

A fully natural product that stimulates root development for better water and nutrient uptake, essential for optimal growth. Ideal for revitalizing stressed plants, such as cuttings during transplanting.

DutchGrow Bio XL

DutchGrow Bio XL enhances all this by serving as a natural flowering stimulator, resulting in richer fruit with a fuller taste. This product line is suitable for any growth system and nutrition, increases the rate of photosynthesis, and leads to more sugar production in the fruits for sweeter flavors and richer natural aromas.