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DutchGrow Cocos B 2-component fertilizer

DutchGrow Cocos B 2-component fertilizer

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A professional fast-acting two-component fertilizer for cultivation in coco coir.

To be used in combination with Cocos A only.

Cocos A&B is a fast-acting, professional-grade fertilizer for fast-growing plants that contains all the essential nutrients for optimal growth and flowering.

It includes fulvic acids to enhance nutrient uptake, strengthen the plants, and enable faster growth and larger yields. Cocos A&B is used for both the vegetative and flowering stages due to its interaction with the coco coir substrate. Cocos A&B is particularly suited for cultivation in open hydroponic systems (with drainage).


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Comprehensive information

DutchGrow Cocos A&B

DutchGrow Cocos A&B is an advanced, professional-quality fertilizer, specially designed for growing plants in coco. It provides all essential elements necessary for optimal growth and flowering.

There is one special formulation suitable for both phases. Initially, the coco substrate holds the flowering elements in the nutrient solution. Over time, the substrate becomes saturated, making these nutrients available when the plant begins to flower. It couldn't be simpler!

Thanks to extensive research, DutchGrow has succeeded in developing a fertilizer that perfectly matches the characteristics of coco substrates.

DutchGrow Cocos consists of high-quality minerals and contains natural chelates, humic, and fulvic acids that guarantee the plant optimal nutrient uptake. Growers worldwide have been enthusiastic for years about the explosive growth and lush flowering made possible by DutchGrow Cocos.

Why an A & B nutrient?

DutchGrow Cocos plant nutrition consists of two parts, part A and part B, for a reason. The required amounts of calcium and phosphate for optimal nutrient function are quite high. If you were to combine these highly concentrated elements in one bottle, they could conflict and clump together. By separating these two elements and then mixing them with the water in your nutrient reservoir, no problem arises. Therefore, you add the A component first and then the B component.

User manual

  • Shake well before use.
  • Fill the nutrient solution tank with water.
  • Add Cocos A and B (20-40 ml) per 10 liters of water in equal amounts as follows:
  • Add Cocos A to the nutrient solution tank.
  • Stir well and then add Cocos B.
  • Stir again thoroughly and let the mixture rest for a few hours.
  • The EC value of Cocos A&B fertilizer dissolved in (tap) water ranges from 1.2 - 2.3 mS (= EC value of the solution plus EC value of the water).
  • Recommended pH value: 5.4 - 6.4.
  • For intensive cultivation: administer 1-3 times per day and ensure drainage is between 10% and 20%. This means 4-6 liters of nutrient solution per m² per day.
  • Visit for more information.
  • DutchGrow Cocos A&B fertilizer can be used both in the growth and in the flowering phase.
  • NEVER mix the A and B components undiluted together as this will create insoluble compounds.

PK fertilizer solution 4-2 with trace elements.

Nutrient content

  • Phosphate (P2O5) water-soluble 3.9%
  • Potassium oxide (K2O) water-soluble 2.2%
  • Boron (B) water-soluble 0.007%
  • Manganese (Mn) water-soluble 0.012%
  • Molybdenum (Mo) water-soluble 0.002%
  • Zinc (Zn) water-soluble 0.007%

  • Other components
  • Total nitrogen (N) 0.8%
  • Nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N) 0.7%
  • Ammonium nitrogen (NH4-N) 0.1%
  • Sulphur (S) 0.7%
  • Magnesium oxide (MgO) 1.8%

The fertilizer also contains:

  • Copper (Cu) water-soluble 0.001%

Storage conditions

Keep out of reach of children. Keep packaging hermetically sealed. Store only in the original packaging. Keep away from heat, light, and frost. Recommended storage temperature 10 - 30 °C. Do not allow undiluted product to reach groundwater/surface water or sewage system. Product is at least shelf-stable for 3 years from the production date. Production date/batch number: see packaging UFI: W800-P0UN-W002-TURT

Safety data

Nutrient schedule

For optimal growth and flowering of plants in coco, follow the DutchGrow Cocos feeding schedule. Start with DutchGrow Roots for strong root development. Then use Cocos A&B for nutritional support during all growth and flowering stages. Implement DutchGrow Clean to keep irrigation systems clean, and DutchGrow Enzyme for healthy soil by breaking down dead plant material. Finish with DutchGrow XL and PK 13/14 during the final flowering and ripening phases for maximum yield and quality.

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